Matrixpay HR & Payroll Software is state of the art system, specifically designed for small to medium sized companies in United Arab Emirates. MATRIXPAY automates all standard payroll processes and procedures.

Specifically Designed HR & Payroll Solutions For SME in UAE

Compatible With Wages Protection System (WPS) Of UAE, Which Generate SIF (Salary Information File) For Salary Transfer

Integrated HRMS (Human Resource Management System)

Option to Integrate with Biometric Attendance Machine(Face/Finger Print/RFID)


Employees Profile
Email Alerts & Notification For Document Expiry etc
Integrate With Biometric Attendance Machine
Automatic Calculations Of Normal/ Holiday/Special Overtime
Loan & Deduction Management
Annual /Short Leave Management
Employees Passport Tracking
Management Reports
Tracking Of Company Assets Issued To Employees
Bonus & Commission Tracking
Employees Promotion/Transfer Tracking
Monthly Payroll Generation
SIF/CSV Report Generation For Wages Protection System
End Of Service/Gratuity Calculation For Various Contract Types
Financial Allocation Report For Booking Expenses


Features of MatrixPay
Human Resource Management
Loan Management
Leave Management
Attendance & Payroll Generation
Assets Management
Document Management
Alerts & Notifications
Wages Protection System
Gratuity & End of Serviec calculation
Configuration Section
MIS Reports


Human Resource Management

  • MATRIXPAY HR & Payroll Software allows users to keep the track of complete information of the employees
  • Employee details includes Name, Code, Profession, Employee Type, Joining Date, Data of Birth, Qualification, Religion, Contact Information, Photo , Current Address , Home Country Address etc
  • Salary Information like Basic, HRA, Transportation Allowance, Various Allowances.
  • Option to track historic pending leaves ,Promotion, Transfer & Dependent details

Attendance Management (Biometric Machine Integration)

  • Matrixpay can be integrated with Biometric Attendance Machines installed in the branches and other remote locations. HR & Admin department can monitor the daily attendance of all the branches by downloading data from all the branches
  • Option to create Day Shifts ,Night Shift with Start Time, End Time ,Off Days etc
  • Option to generate attendance report directly from Matrixpay to closely monitor daily attendance, Absence details, off hours, Over Time etc all the braches
  • Option to the user having privilege to modify the Attendance records
  • Option to define Over Time Rates Day Shifts & Night Shifts separately
  • Matrixpay calculates the Day Shift over time hours based on the Day Shift Over Time Rate and Night Shift Over Time hours with Night Shift Over Time rates
  • Option to select different type of leaves from the Daily Attendance Sheet. Leave types like
  • Sick Leave
  • Casual Leave
  • Business Trip
  • Annual Leave
  • …etc
  • Option to define “Holidays” in the system
  • Option to calculate ‘Off Hours” of the employee based on which salary gets deducted

Payroll Management

  • MATRIXPAY HR and Payroll Software is a complete Payroll solutions, easy to use and generates quick employee pay sheet and pay slips
  • Option to manage Salary Details like Basic, Travel Allowance, HRA, Other Allowance etc
  • Automatic Deductions of Loan/Advance Payment, Fine Deductions at the time of Monthly Payroll Creation, system will provide flexibility to postpone or modify the deduction/loan amount
  • Absence Deductions will be automatically calculated and display at the time of Monthly Payroll Creation, automatic deduction is based on the company policy
  • Normal Over Time , Holiday Over Time of the employee will be calculated automatically based on the configurations
  • Option to pay Bonus, Commissions ,Special allowances for the employee during the payroll generation
  • Option to generate Pay Slip for each employee, Pay Slip can be sent to the employees by email

Loan & Fine Management

  • MATRIXPAY allow the company to issue and track the Loan of each employee
  • MATRIXPAY allows the employer to define loan repayment schedule
  • MATRIXPAY automatically deducts the loan installment at the time of Monthly Payroll Generation
  • Option to edit loan installment amounts during the payroll generation
  • MATRIXPAY will keep a complete history of the each loan and re-payment details of each employee
  • Option to track & deduct Office Fine, Salik, Traffic Fine etc from the monthly salary of the employee
  • Option for Loan Settlement & Fine Settlement
  • Manager or Loan Approving authority can view the Gratuity, Leave Salary, Outstanding Loans, Salary details of the employee requested for loan
  • Option to set the limit for the loan/salary advances

Leave Management

  • MATRIXPAY HR & Payroll Software allows the company to define the employees leave schedule based on the Joining Date or based on the Previous Leaves availed
  • Option to track the Leave Start Date, Expected Re-Join Date and Actual Re-Join Date
  • MATRIXPAY will automatically calculate the leave salary, ticket of the employee based on the policy defined by the company
  • Options to track the leave details of each employee in the company
  • Paid Leave
  • Paid Leave (Deducted From Annual Leave)
  • Not Paid Leave
  • Not Paid Leave (With Gratuity)
  • Options for Leave Encashment
  • Option to create Annual Leave of the employees, system will automatically calculate LEAVE SALARY, Annual Ticket , Current Month Salary for those days worked
  • Option to pay Leave Salary & Ticket Fare as and when it gets due
  • Option to track the ‘Rejoin’ details after the Annual Vacation. In case of delay in rejoining , system will give option to track the delay days as Paid/Not Paid leave

Asset Management

  • Option to add all the assets of the company, assets include Vehicle, Mobile, Laptops, SIM Card, Office Equipments etc
  • Option to track the details of each asset including date of purchase, cost, warranty period etc
  • Option to upload the scan copies of Asset Images, Warranty Card, Invoice etc
  • MATRIXPAY allows the administrator to assign assets to each employee. System will keep the complete history of Asset movements
  • Option for each employee to return back the assets in hand during their annual vacation

Document Management

  • Document Management module helps in keeping track all the Passport, Labor Card, Work Permit movement
  • MATRIXPAY keeps the history of all the previous records for checking the details like when a particular document was issued to the employee or received
  • Option for the Employer to keep track of ‘Passports’ kept in the company and the ones with the Employee
  • When Employer hands over the Passport to the employee as per their request, system give an option to mark the Return Date. If the Passport is not returned on time .system will notify the Administrator

WPS & SIF File Generation

  • MATRIXPAY HR & Payroll solutions is 100% compatible with Wages Protection System of UAE
  • MATRIXPAY is a complete automated system that generates Wage Protection System compatible with the SIF (Salary Information File)
  • The below mentioned formats are available in MATRIXPAY for generating the SIF for the customer to choose from
  • SIF (Salary Information File)
  • CSV (Coma Separate Value
  • MATRIXPAY provides you with a list of all the Financial Institution/Banks authorized by Central Bank of UAE
  • Option to generate CSV report for Wages Protection System salary Transfer


  • Option to generate the following certificates of employees
  • Salary Certificate
  • Experience Certificate
  • No Objection Letter
  • Template module allows the user to create any number of pre -defined templates for various purposes

Task Manager


  • Matrixpay allows the administrator to configure rules for below operation
  • Annual Leave
  • Gratuity
  • Absent Deduction
  • Over Time
  • Option to set different rules for various grades in the organization


  • MATRIXPAY HR & Payroll Software provides management reports for viewing Employee Summary Reports, this is complete information of the employee
  • Report of total salary issued for each employee during a selected
  • Salary Information like Basic, HRA, Transportation Allowance, Various Allowances.
  • Report of total number of leaves availed by each employee during a
    selected period
  • Report of total deductions, total allowances etc of each employee
    during a selected period
  • Details of Over Time
  • Loan Details of Each Employee
  • Asset Management Reports
  • Document Management Report
  • Attendance Report
  • Financial Allocation Report
  • ….etc